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Posted by Adele on June 07, 2018

Zt 0999

Zt 0999

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Limited Edition. The USA-made Zero Tolerance 0999 - Limited Edition, a ZT folding knife to be released from select dealers December 7, 2016. Learn more about this knife https

Mountainelitenw. We built the 0999 to challenge assumptions about production knifemaking. Like where carbon fiber can go. Or that the handle and backspacer should be separate. Or that a blade can only be made from one kind of steel. With the 0999, we put all options on the table. We challenged our design engineers to innovate. The result is a high-performance

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Zero Tolerance 0999. The result was the 0999 model, a high-performance flipper knife with some very interesting features. Using their composite blade technology, Zero Tolerance created the blade from two different steels, and the frame lock and backspacer from a single piece of half-inch billet titanium.

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