London Taxi Knowledge Schools

London Taxi Knowledge Schools

Here is a list of Knowledge Schools that you may want to check out to help you when you Do the Knowledge. I personally use the Knowledge Point School in Caledonian Road and know others using Wizann. I have seen good things online from people using the Belmay School also. Check them out. Details correct November 2010.

A1 Knowledge School Ltd

Mob: 07517 685 342

Belmay Knowledge School
137 Ormside Street
SE15 1TF
Tel. 0207 639 7699

Computer Cab Knowledge School
Advantage House
Mitre Way Industrial Estate
London W10

Mob: 07958 535 136

Just Knowledge School
Lawrence Trading Estate
Askew Farm Road
RM17 5XE

Tel: 07930 486 936

Knowledge For All
85 Dunbridge Street
Bethnal Green
London E2 6JG

Tel: 020 7729 9131
Mob: 07859 759 369

Knowledge Point
429-431 Caledonian Road
London N7 9BG
Tel: 020 7700 5681 / 82 / 83
Taxi Trade Promotions

40 Footway
Avery Hill Road
London SE9 2HB

Tel: 07834 353 929
Metrogas Club

Carib Centre
Benhill Road
London SE5 5LJ

Tel: 07932 605 422

Street Wise Taxi School
114A Vallance Road
London E1 5BW

Tel: 020 7247 8940

The Double K Knowledge School
Unit F17, Birch House
Birch Walk, Off Fraser Road
Kent DA8 1QX

Tel: 020 8308 0122
Mob: 0759 5600 016

West London Knowledge School
(formerly Paddington Knowledge School)
177 Kensal Road
London W10 5BJ

Tel: 020 8968 0575

Unit 6 Barratt Industrial Park
Gillender Street
London E3 3JZ


Tel: 020 7093 0909


15 Responses to “London Taxi Knowledge Schools”
  1. Steve says:

    Hi, attended the KP intro session last week and ended up buying the first 80 runs and blank 1/4 mile maps, I want to do it the KP way and look for points whilst doing the runs but am doing it PT and so cannot attend kp as shuts at 6.30 everynight . I see that Wizzan is open until 9pm would it be possible to go to their school using kp runs and studying it the kp way ? Can you go to the schools just to sit and call other with other people? do you just turn up pay to use facilities and find someone else who seems to be around the same stage??? SO many questions SORRY! Great site by the way! IF I get caught looking at this site in work hours as much as I do ill be FT knowledge boy in no time!

  2. London Taxi says:

    Hi Steve,

    I would try and use the same methods and the Wizann boys if you plan on studying together when doing the Blue Book runs. Once you are done with the Blue Book I actually think it helps having a COP who went to the other school. You can learn other things you would miss otherwise.

    I would go along and check out one of the free classes and talk to them and see if it suits you. They are very friendly and will not put you wrong.

    Cheers and Good Luck.

  3. Pete says:

    Hi There,

    Im thinking of starting the knowledge and becoming my own boss but, i have no idea on where/how to start?? if you could point me in the right direction i would be really greatful

    Thanks for your time!!


  4. shamsher ali says:

    i found wizann very helpful the are the best

  5. London Taxi says:

    Hi Pete,

    Sorry for the late reply. Check out the TfL website. Plenty of good information on there.

    Good Luck

  6. Patrick says:

    I have not driven a cab for 6 license was not renewed.The P.C.O have informed me I might have to do a refresher course when I re-apply for my license.

    My question is.. do you have have experience of similar drivers and what sort of questions are asked.

  7. lemonsqueezer says:

    hi, does anyone know of a knowledge school towards the chessington area, or if there is still a knowledge school in the clapham area? cheers.

  8. Pete says:

    Hi London Taxi,

    Thanks for that.. I have just got the Application form from tfl… Happy days :) now to get them filled in, med book, then sent off and away I go! Just got one more question.

    ” KP or Wizann or do it alone..?”

    Also, congrats on your appearance! Well done fella

  9. Asif Ali says:

    i have just started to work in london as a multidrop driver and a friend has told me to look into being a cab driver. can u please direct me in the right direction as which school is free and how long it takes???

  10. Luke says:

    Went to Wizann yesterday, and spoke to a very nice and helpful lady. Talked me through getting started.

  11. raja says:

    I live in Manchester and driving cab from last 5 years , I always want to drive in London is it possible for me to pass the test ? what is best way to learn from distance.thanks

  12. Tarek says:

    Hi guys just go my bike HOND PCX 125cc to starte the knowledge , but what stoping me is the board, Honda they do it for £75. and when I called the taxi trade promotion they said they do sell the board and the bracket for just £25 together but I don’t know haw to do it my self, so please is there any where I can get my board done to save a bit of money thx to you all.

  13. Tarek says:

    Just got my bike to start the knowledge. but I don’t know weather I should join the knowledge school at the beginning or not, can you please direct me the right direction as which school I should join or is not when you start as some people whey said after finishing the runs then you can do so.?

  14. Tarek says:

    Just started my knowledge, Is there anyone who has a good technique they could share as I’m finding the combination of the runs and points rather daunting. Should I be doing them together or separate?

  15. Mac says:

    I’m doing the Barking & Dagenham knowledge do you know any schools that can help me (in the area) please?

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